Dudok Architecture Centre Foundation

RSIN: 8556.73.175

Address: Dudokpark 1, 1217 JE Hilversum

Objective: To bring to the attention of a wider public the importance and significance of architecture and urbanism, in particular the architecture by Dudok and other spatial heritage in Hilversum; to stimulate new ideas regarding the preservation and development of heritage; to offer an independent platform for developments in the field of architecture, urbanism, and spatial heritage. This is accomplished, for instance, through the organisation of guided tours, lectures and debates, educational activities, and other cultural activities.

The foundation’s board receives limited compensation for expenses. The board does not receive any wages or other payments.

Substantive report

The Dudok Architecture Centre Foundation was established in October 2015. No relevant reporting is therefore available for 2015.

Financial report

  • Annual report 2015
  • Balance sheet 2017