Guided tour

Celebrate your birthday party at the Dudok Architecture Center!

Is your birthday comin up soon? Invite all your friends for a tour of Dudok Town Hall. Super fun and exciting, because you probably dare to climb the tower with spectacular views.

The Town Hall of the world famous Dudok

The world-famous architect Willem Marinus Dudok has designed the Town Hall with great attention to detail: from the wedding room to the font! So he was involved in everything. And, because he was also a city architect, he designed whole new residential areas with schools throughout Hilversum. Maybe you attend a Dudok school? In short, without Dudok there would be no Hilversum as we know it today.

Exciting tour

During an exciting tour, a guide will tell you all about this and you will get started with our expedition map. This way you and your friends can soon discover which symbols and jokes Dudok has hidden in the Town Hall. If the expedition went well, the birthday boy or girl receives a small gift.

Dress code

You can ask your friends and girlfriends to come in the colors of the Town Hall. We call that Dudok Casual (yellow, gold, blue).

Also up the tower!

During the tour, in dry weather, you also climb the tower (from 6 years). In clear weather, the 47 meter high tower offers a beautiful view of up to 30 km. The tours start in the Dudok Architecture Center, located in the basement of the Town Hall, where an exhibition of Dudok’s life and work has been set up.

LEGO workshop

If you want, you can expand your party with a LEGO workshop. After the tour, you and your friends will recreate the Town Hall in miniature with LEGO.

How long does it take?

We make the program in consultation with you and your parents/supervisors, but to get an idea: the tour usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours; the LEGO workshop takes about 45 minutes. And of course there is something delicious to eat and drink in between.


Send an email to together with one of your parents/supervisors. Then we discuss what you want, how many children are coming, when you want to come and the costs. The latter mainly depends on the number you come with.

You can celebrate your party in the Town Hall on all days of the week and at the weekend, but we have the most options on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Dudok Architectuur Centrum (Hilversum)


Raadhuis Hilversum, Dudokpark 1, 1217 JE Hilversum