Exposition ‘Dudok by Iwan Baan’

In 1955 Willem Marinus Dudok (1884-1974), to this day as the only Dutch designer, received the ‘Gold Medal of Honor’ from the American Institute of Architects. Directly under his name, the certificate read ‘Architect of Man’s environment’, architect of the living environment. It is still one of the most accurate descriptions of this architect and urban planner. Dudok’s contribution to the profession, the text continued, was not in slogans or manifestos, but spoke entirely from his works, in the language of humanism. Dudok did not design to amaze: he chose to fulfill man’s inherent desire for a more beautiful environment.

In 2020, architectural photographer Iwan Baan photographed all existing buildings by Willem Marinus Dudok in the Netherlands from the ground and from the air. Photographer Iwan Baan exchanges static architectural photos for images that reveal unexpected perspectives and the presence of people and movement in the broader story of Dudok as a designer of living environments. The photos are published in the book Dudok by Iwan Baan.

With a selection of his most impressive photos, this exhibition shows how top architect Dudok expanded cities from their specific DNA and placed buildings in their environment as a matter of course.

‘You can see at the buildings of Dudok that they have been incorporated into the city. In many places they are hardly considered architecture anymore, but are simply part of everyday life” – Iwan Baan.

The book Dudok by Iwan Baan is for sale in the Dudok Architecture Center or via the webshop.


Dudok Architectuur Centrum


Dudok Architectuur Centrum


The exposition is open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12 pm til 4 pm.


€ 4 per person. Children up to 12 years old: free (accompanied by an adult).

website: sbddesign.nl