For sale: book “Dudok by Iwan Baan”, a unique overview of Dudok’s work in the Netherlands

From Wednesday December 30, 2020, the book “Dudok by Iwan Baan” is for sale through the Dudok Architecture Center. In the book, which was commissioned by the Dudok Architecture Center, top photographer Iwan Baan shows with impressive aerial and street photography how top architect Dudok expanded cities throughout the Netherlands based on their specific DNA and naturally placed buildings in their environment.

With the photos in this book, Baan is breaking with tradition. He exchanges static architectural photos for images that reveal a broader story, the story of Dudok as a designer of landscapes for living, working, mourning and learning. Baans photos of the work that Dudok realized for various places in the Netherlands, not only make it clear that Dudok was an architect who built with an eye for detail and composition. Above all, it also shows his quality as a spatial designer and “urban planner”. The texts of architectural historian Lara Voermans support this image.

With the images of Baan, the book offers a unique overview of residential landscapes with villas, workers’ houses and flats in garden villages and post-war residential areas, cemeteries and crematoria to town halls and school and office buildings in Eindhoven and Velsen, Bussum, Bilthoven and Naarden, Velsen, Schiedam and Hengelo, on the Afsluitdijk to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden and of course Hilversum.

In 2019, the Dudok Architecture Center already sought collaboration with the Hilversum-raised architecture photographer Iwan Baan for the previously published book Wonderlijkheden about the networks of architect Dudok. When the plan arose to visualize all of Dudok’s works in their current context in the Netherlands, it was a logical step to approach Iwan Baan for this too. The combination of the many images taken from the air with the images taken on the ground creates a fascinating result.

The book costs € 39.95 and can be purchased in the Dudok Architecture Center during opening hours, after the lockdown.

The book can be ordered online and will be delivered to residents of the Gooi and Vecht region at home during the lockdown (delivery and administration costs: € 1.50).


The book is for sale at the Dudok Architecture Center or online. When ordering online by residents of the Gooi en Vechtstreek region, the book will be delivered to your home within 2 working days.


The costs for the book are:

€ 39.95 upon purchase and collection in the Dudok Architecture Center
€ 41.45 for online ordering and home delivery (within 2 working days)

Extra information

Due to the lockdown, the Dudok Architecture Center will be closed until January 19, 2021.