My digital Dudok

Can we crawl into Dudok’s head? Students from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences have reconstructed the world of Dudok on the basis of archive material. Based on film and sound clips, original sketches, furniture pieces and historical photos, visitors step into a multimedia experience that provides insight into Dudok’s doubts, beliefs and passions.

Project by: Maria Soliman, Alexandra Gurita, Ana López-Santacruz, Sarah Al-Qabbani and Bianca Andaloro

Partners: Municipality of Hilversum, Stadsfonds Hilversum, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, MediaMonks, Media Perspectives, Indyvideo.

Application is closed


Dudok Architectuur Centrum


De expositie is open op donderdag, vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag van 12.00 – 16.00 uur. Aanmelden vooraf is niet nodig.


The Digital Experience is part of the Exhibition of the Dudok Architecture Center. In addition to the Digital Experience, there is also the permanent exhibition The Life and Work of Dudok and the temporary exhibition The Everyday Dudok.

€ 3 per person
children up to 12 years free (accompanied by an adult)

Pay only with pin.