Fabrique Ludique/ vm. Brandsma Metaalveredeling
1948-1950/1967 / W.M. Weerkamp

Mussenstraat 55

At Mussenstraat 55, along the railway to Amersfoort and part of the industrial environment in Hilversum-Oost, is the former factory hall of Brandsma Metaalveredeling from 1967. The adjacent office of the company from 1950 and possibly also the factory hall itself were designed by architect W.M. Weather camp in an industrial reconstruction style. Brandsma left the building in 2016. It is now home to Fabrique Ludique, a location for creative entrepreneurs and ‘playful’ activities.

Brandsma Metal Finishing

In 1948-1950 the galvanization company Teepe-Brandsma NV, later Brandsma Metal Distribution, had a factory complex built on the Mussenstraat in Hilversum-Oost. The area was a mixed residential-industrial area where, among other things, the municipal wharf was located. The company, founded by Douwe Brandsma in 1916, was previously located at Groest 82-84, in a former carpet factory. The complex on Mussenstraat consisted of an office building parallel to the street, with various factory spaces and warehouses behind it.

The Factory Hall

In the mid-1960s, the factory complex on the east side was expanded with a huge factory hall. The large warehouse was built in a modern industrial style with a typical concrete and steel construction from the reconstruction period. The front and right side walls have windows in steel frames. The gently sloping saddle roof has a skylight in the middle. The hall was placed slightly forward in relation to the office building. The entrance door was on the left side. The front facade was fitted with a high steel roller door on the right. On the inside along the facades, the hall was given a floor with a circulation.

Architect W.M. Weerkamp

The factory complex on Mussenstraat was designed by Hilversum architect W.M. Weerkamp. In 1950 his office was located at 17 Nassaulaan. He designed country houses, villas and bungalows, as well as shops and factories. He also designed multi-storey houses, including the Palaboean flats at Vaartweg 104-156 (1949) and the Vuursche Dreef flats at Soestdijkerstraatweg 82 (1970).

Complex Mussenstraat 49-55

The former factory complex of Brandsma Metaalveredeling is part of the Mussenstraat 49-55 building complex that shows the industrial development of this sub-area. The Mussenstraat 49-51-53 building dates from 1916-1920. The company Hilwijck’s weaving mills, a factory for furniture upholstery and curtain fabrics, was located here for a long time. The rectangular building has architecture typical of the construction period. The Brandsma factory complex represents the later post-war factory architecture.

Fabrique Ludique

Fabrique Ludique has been housed in the former factory complex since 2017. The factory hall is used for lectures, meetings, exhibitions or photo and video shoots. The hall can also be rented for ‘fun’ events, matching the raw and industrial look. The office area houses starting, creative entrepreneurs, including artists, a digital production company and a house photographer.


W.M. Weerkamp




Mussenstraat 55, Hilversum

Gemeentelijk monument

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