Wereldomroep, Mediapark
1961 / J.H van den Broek, J.B. Bakema and H.B.J. Lops

Witte Kruislaan, Hilversum

The building has become a series of architectural ‘encounters’, such as that of a short and a long wing on columns with stairwell and elevators at the intersection, that of a long wing and the compact studios and that of the building and nature. The dug-in honeycomb-shaped studios are built according to the box-in-box construction, an insensitive wall and the sensitive acoustic inner skin. The building is characterized by a great openness. Everyone has an unobstructed view of the sand and pine nature of the Gooi with sun, rain or snow, a bird and sometimes a rabbit. The executive wing overhangs the forecourt. The closed block with the entrance and the elevator shaft is decorated with white glass mosaic, in which orange-red surfaces have been processed. When making the design for Radio Netherlands Worldwide, special attention was paid to the human dimension, the element of movement and the possibilities of use. Bakema said that the cooling pond with fountain looked a bit too Versailles-like.

Source: Annette Koenders, Hilversum. Architectuur en Stedenbouw 1850-1940, Zwolle (2001).


J.H van den Broek, J.B. Bakema and H.B.J. Lops




Witte Kruislaan, Hilversum

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