• Taxatie Dudok-gerelateerde objecten door Marcel Brouwer
  • Lego workshop 15 juni 2019


Day of Arhitecture – very succesfull

Both on Saturday and on Sunday there was a lot of interest in the activities around the Day of Architecture in Hilversum. The national theme “Through the eyes of” was used by the Dudok Architecture Center to shed light on Dudok’s oeuvre in a variety of ways. Hilversum took shape through the eyes of W.M. Dudok.

During a bike tour passing Dudok schools, participants looked through the eyes of the child at the buildings. At the Kerkbrink, students from the HKU allowed shoppers to look at the public space with different eyes. The trash can, sidewalk tile and the bench seem insignificant places, but are designed with attention. In the tower of the Town Hall, visitors were challenged to experiment with light and material and in that way visitors also look at the design with different eyes. Parents and children built the Town Hall together in LEGO on Saturday afternoon. The LEGO model was then compared to reality during a tour. It was surprising to see how well the children were able to recognize the details. The tour ended with a tower climb.

On Sunday the experience My Digital Dudok was presented and appraiser of the program ‘Tussen Kunst en Kitch’, Marcel Brouwer, was invited to appraise Dudok-related objects. This resulted in interesting conversations and the discovery of valuable objects. United College was present to make an impression of appraisal discussions between the contributors and Marcel Brouwer. This impression will soon appear on our site.

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