Diamond tour – bicycle tour through Hilversum

Hilversum has a hidden history, one in which diamonds played a leading role. Not only former sanatorim Zonnestraal owes its excistence to the diamond workers and their union. They also formed the basis of the first social housing in Hilversum and contributed to a revival of socialism.

From 1887 to 1930, the diamond industry has a major impact on Hilversum. At its peak in 1912, there are seventeen grinding shops. After Amsterdam, Hilversum has the largest concentration of diamond workers (at least 500) who commute or work here in the capital. The only monumental grinding shop that can still be found in Hilversum is on the other side of the track: the former grinding shop De Volharding on Liebergerweg.

Interested in this hidden history of Hilversum diamond processing? Then cycle with the help of the specially developed app, the Diamond route (In Dutch). This route takes 1.5 hours and takes you past all the special places of the Hilversum diamond industry. Videos, sound clips and photos in the app give you a vivid picture of this brilliant history. The Diamond Route app, developed by Steengoed Hilversum and was made possible in part by the municipality of Hilversum.

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