Duidelijk Dudok! New educational program about Dudok and the Town Hall for primary schools (in Dutch)

Starting September 2020, primary schools in Hilversum and the surrounding area can get started with a new educational program about Dudok and the Hilversum Town Hall. The program is mainly intended for groups 6 to 8, but can also be tailor-made for other groups.

The curriculum offers schools the opportunity to connect to current events and at the same time work on goals for the domains of Oriëntatie op jezelf and the world (history) and artistic orientation.

The educational program Duidelijk Dudok consists of a preparatory lesson, a visit to the Town Hall and the Dudok Architecture Center and a processing lesson with creative assignments.

The students learn to look more intensively and expand their knowledge about Dudok through the stories behind this special architect. They also learn to recognize Dudok’s “handwriting” in the Town Hall and other buildings by his hand.

The material contains interactive assignments, lets the students experience a lot themselves. In the preparatory lesson, the students receive an introduction to architecture and their visit to the Town Hall. During the tour in the Town Hall, the students receive an Expedition Card with activities and viewing assignments. In this way they themselves discover and investigate the architecture of Dudok. The processing lesson offers various starting points for a creative assignment in the classroom and further research in the own environment.

Watch the introductory video below that is part of the preparatory lesson.


Dudok Architecture Centre

Extra information

For more information about the program, the costst and possibilities for your school: info@dudokarchitectuurcentrum.nl

website: sbddesign.nl