Townhall – guided tour for schools

For both primary and secondary schools as for hbo/universities, Dudok architecture centre provides tailored guided tours through the Town Hall. A guide will take the pupils/students to the special and largely authentic spaces in the Town Hall. A learning experience in which the pupils/students, depending on their age, by the Guide are encouraged to look around and to pay attention to details like design, décor, light, color and materials.

The climb of the 45-metre-high tower at the end of the tour makes the experience of he Council House complete. If the weather is clear, the Tower offers a magnificent view up to 30 km.


Town Hall Hilversum


Dates and content of the tours are agreed with the contact person of the school / field of study. More information:



€ 145,- per group of a maximum of 20 students, including 21% VAT (tour in English).