Exposition ‘NSF Radio, fascinating factory stories’

One hundred years ago, the Dutch Signaling Devices Factory (NSF) moved into the heathland in Hilversum East. This is the beginning of Hilversum as a broadcasting and later media city. This is where the first experimental broadcasts come from and transmitting and receiving equipment is made. It is not only produced under its own label; the radio sets of parent company Philips also come from the factory in Hilversum.

In the meantime, almost everything has disappeared from this factory site. Using stories from former employees and preserved objects, we bring the fascinating history of the NSF to life and show how things went for what was for a long time the largest employer in the Gooi.

The exhibition ‘NSF RADIO, fascinating factory stories’ can be seen from 10 July until the end of 2021 at Tante Jans, Schapenkamp 2, 1211 PA Hilversum.

website: sbddesign.nl