Opening exhibition ‘Where bells sing’

With the presentation of a miniature clock to Mayor Pieter Broertjes, the Dudok Architecture Center opened the exhibition ‘Where bells sing’ to a limited circle on 8 December. The reason for making the exhibition was the renovation of the carillon in the autumn of 2021.

During the renovation, the carillon in the tower of the Hilversum Town Hall was given a major makeover. A clattering keyboard, outdated wire mechanics and worn clappers required major maintenance. At the same time, the carillonneur’s playpen was given a makeover. This was enlarged in such a way that from now on visitors can actually view the playing of the carillon up close. The renovation was the reason to visualize its history. Visitors to the exhibition experience the story of more than sixty years of carillon with historical (image) material, objects and photos of the recent restoration work. From Dudok’s first sketch of the then closed tower to the carillonneur’s newly renovated playroom.

The bell that was presented by Jacob Wijs Jr to Mayor Broertjes on December 8, received in 1958 by Mr. Wijs Sr., director of Public Works at the municipality, from bell founder Eijsbouts. According to the family, it deserves a place in the town hall of Hilversum again. Also present at the opening of the exhibition was Mr. Jan Geerts, who was the hundred thousandth resident of Hilversum in 1958 and the direct reason for purchasing the carillon. In honor of his birth, the inhabitants of Hilversum donated a glockenspiel to the municipality in 1958.

Exhibition and special tour of the tower and carillon

The exhibition ‘Where bells sing’ can be seen during opening days of the Dudok Architecture Center. In addition to regular tours of the Town Hall, the Dudok Architecture Center organizes a number of special tours to the 47-meter high tower, the carillon and the new carillonneur’s playroom.

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