Funerary works

Funerary works

The need for cemeteries increased in the first half of the last century with the growing population. Each municipality had to have its own municipal or general cemetery. Cremation was not yet permitted by law but, from a hygienic point of view, was mainly recommended by doctors and tolerated by the government.

During his career, Dudok designed two cemeteries for the municipality of Hilversum. He designed several buildings for the Crematorium Westerveld in the municipality of Velsen, including several urn galleries and an auditorium. The architect also designed the general cemetery Duinhof for the same municipality.

Sober and sleek

Cemeteries should have a moody and monumental effect, Dudok thought. By keeping the architecture simple and modest, a solemn atmosphere was created. A sober use of materials, alternation between high and low building volumes, protruding roof edges and a moody use of color, these are the typical characteristics of his auditorium buildings in which we easily recognize the architect.

Wings effect

In contrast to the usual landscaping with winding paths, Dudok aimed for a strict and orderly layout of the cemeteries themselves. This brought peace and an intimate atmosphere to the graves, which were grouped around a midfield or main avenues. The layout was such that it had a perspective effect and the planting provided a spatial effect

Natural Environment

Cemeteries had to be built outside the built-up area, but were often overtaken by fast-growing buildings and closed in. This also happened with the Noorder Cemetery (1927-1930), but the much later constructed Zuiderhof cemetery (1958-1964) still forms a beautiful and natural end to the built-up area and merges seamlessly into the heathlands south of Hilversum. Duinhof Cemetery in Velsen (1959-1961) follows the surrounding dune landscape in its construction.

Extra information

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