Former Geuzenschool / Community center de Geus
1906 / E. Hogervorst

Geuzenweg 82-84

The stately De Geus district building on Geuzenweg was built in 1905-1906 as a School with the Bible for the children of the Over ‘t Spoor district. The design for the school with a teacher’s house came from architect E. Hogervorst, in a Transitional style characteristic of the construction period. In the 1970s, the De Geus Community Center established itself in the building. The school and teacher’s residence have been designated a municipal monument.

Over ’t Spoor

The construction of the Oosterspoorlijn in 1874, which connected Amsterdam with the east of the country, divided Hilversum in two. The part to the east of the track was given the name Over ‘t Spoor. New industries soon established themselves here and the development of the district started. The mainly working-class population increased sharply and with it the need for housing, shops, schools and churches.

The School with the Bible

Initially the children went to school in the old village, but the railway crossing was an annoying barrier. In 1904 the first Public Primary School was built in the district (on the Huygensstraat). E. Hogervorst designed a Christian School for the neighbourhood, commissioned by the “Association for the Foundation and Conservation of Schools with the Bible under the motto ‘Eben Haëzer’. The school was built on Geuzenweg. On May 1, 1906, the festive opening took place in the presence of the mayor and aldermen.

Transition style

The school and teacher’s residence were built in the Transitional style characteristic of the late nineteenth century, with Art Nouveau elements in the detailing. Hogervorst designed a rectangular school building that originally consisted of one storey and an attic. The symmetrical facade is constructed of plastered brick and has been enlivened with red brick elements and decorative wall anchors. The central part of the facade protrudes slightly (rises) and ends in a gable. This includes the text ANNO – 1906. The entrance is generously designed in an arched portico. Against the right side wall is the teacher’s house, in the same style as the main building.

Mayor over het spoor

The first principal of the school was L.W.J. van Hasselt (1882-1958), a position he held until 1947. He was soon nicknamed ‘mayor of Over ‘t Spoor’, because of the many good work he did in the field of church and society and for the Christian formation of young people. After his death he was registered in the Gulden Boek of the municipality of Hilversum.


In 1912 the school was raised with a second floor, which accommodated two classrooms, also designed by E. Hogervorst. A conservatory was erected at the rear in 1923 and two classrooms were added in 1924. A gymnasium was added to the school in 1932. The school served until the 1970s, after which the De Geus Community Center established itself in the building.


E. Hogervorst




Geuzenweg 82-84, Hilversum

Gemeentelijk monument