Dudok’s Table

Just like architect W.M. Dudok thought about all the actions of users in his buildings I will direct all actions during the dinner. The concept is based on repetition and variety, in the right place and in the right sizes. Meaningful beauty surrounded by balanced design language. By pouring the plates on the architecture, turning them around and cutting them out, the crockery molds itself to its Town Hall. As a designer, I decide where something is placed on the table. Just as strictly as Dudok I manage. (Nynke Koster)

On December 4, Nynke Koster showed her casts of the facade of the Town Hall. She is currently putting the finishing touches to an eating sculpture of approximately 600 x 90 x 75 centimeters for 18 people. Nynke Koster has incorporated the casts into a special table / experience, in which the “eating landscape” will change per course. Just like Dudok itself, she leaves nothing to chance. On September 6 the Dudok’s Table will be offered as “the state service of Hilversum” to the first citizen of Hilversum, mayor Pieter Broertjes. After this evening, every party at this table will make a toast as the start of a conversation about the importance of public space for dialogue, for art, for meeting.

On September 15, the Table will be at the Langgewenst at the opening of the cultural year. After that, the Table can be rented by any party that wants to contribute to connection in the public space. More information: info@dudokarchitectuurcentrum.nl

website: sbddesign.nl