Traffic house wanted

From 1921 to 1971, a tourist office designed by Dudok was located on Stationsstraat. This Traffic House, as it was popularly called, was widely praised. “Who would not wear it, the charming little house, which immediately captivates eye and attention due to its attractive appearance,” said the reporter of the Gooi- en Eemlander. How nice would it be if travelers are greeted again by this charming Dudok design when they leave the station. But then in a modern guise!

Peter Veenendaal, a great admirer of Dudok’s work, calls on everyone who has memories of this special building to share them on the site www.verrekenhuisje.org. Here you will find all information about the house and Peter’s search for the remains of the demolition in 1971. In collaboration with the Dudok Architecture Center, various activities will be set up around the Traffic House in the near future. Keep an eye on the site and this page. And especially watch the beautiful animation of the Traffic House, made by David Harper.

website: sbddesign.nl