12th Municipal Housing Development
1928 / W.M. Dudok

Merelstraat and Valkstraat, Hilversum

A number of complexes are located close to each other at the southern point of the eastern extension of Hilversum. They provide both a chronological overview and an insight into the development of style in Dudok’s work over a period from 1925 (ninth complex) to 1953 (twenty-first complex and school). The ninth complex in the spirit of the garden city movement is located just in the old district “over the railway”, the twenty-first complex in straight blocks lies to the east of the Plan East.

The Nassauschool is the landmark in the tenth and twelfth complex. While the tenth complex was still based on alternation in building lines, material and height, in the twelfth complex the block was introduced and the alternation is achieved by vertical accents and the rhythm of the roof shield. The eleventh complex on the Duivenstraat is located on a central plantation area. The low houses with hoods parallel to the road are located between houses with gable ends with the hood at right angles to the road.

Source: Annette Koenders, Hilversum. Architectuur en Stedenbouw 1850-1940, Zwolle (2001).


Willem Marinus Dudok (1884-1974)




Merelstraat and Valkstraat, Hilversum

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