Expositions Dudok Architectuur Centrum without visiting time slot

From July 1, 2021, the exhibitions in the Dudok Architectuur Centrum can be visited without a time slot. Tickets to visit the exhibitions are still available online for a specific date. Pre-registration is recommended, but tickets can also be purchased at the counter in the Dudok Architectuur Centrum and at the Tante Jans location. Of course, the Dudok Architectuur Centrum takes into account compliance with the 1.5 meter measure in all areas.

With one ticket, you can visit 5 different exhibitions:

Location Dudok Architecture Center, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

Locatie Tante Jans (Schapenkamp, Hilversum), zaterdag en zondag 12 – 16 uur

website: sbddesign.nl